Innovative Groundwork with Cor Bremmer & Jack Ford of ErfGoed – Episode 7

It’s what’s underneath that counts when cultivating the foundation for an optimal growing environment. Encompassing a range of cultivation floors and water management solutions, the ErfGoed team is a global leader in complete, efficient, and easy-to-use systems. Cor Bremmer (Head of Commerce) and Jack Ford (Sales Manager USA) join us to dive into their approach to customizing projects for their grower customers and accelerating continuous research and development.

“We listen to the customers, and the more challenging the questions are, the more enthusiastic [our] colleagues are.” –Cor Bremmer

Representing half a century of rich history, ErfGoed continues to exemplify the sound knowledge of soil, vertically-drained cultivation floors, and water technologies that founder, Hans de Jong, envisioned. Closely translating to “heritage” in English, the name reflects their team’s drive to honor the resources gifted to them in a sustainable, reliable, and unique way.

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