Family Ties in the Green Sector with Gerard Schouwenaar of Orchard Park Growers – Episode 3

For multi-generational businesses in the green sector, it’s all in the family! As a second-generation Owner/Manager of Orchard Park Growers, Gerard Schouwenaar exemplifies the balance between effective succession planning and fostering the professional development of his own children who have active roles within the company. Culture, leadership, and core values drive this conversation. 

“I’d be wrong if I just mandated everything. Because the next generation is bringing a lot of good information to the table. So how do we combine what I’ve seen and know together with what they’re seeing and how do we make a path forward?” –Gerard Schouwenaar

Orchard Park Growers is a family-run floriculture wholesale grower based in Canada’s Niagara Region. Drawing from Dutch heritage and excellence founded in the fruit farming industry, Orchard Park has been in operation for over 45 years and continues to innovate through the craft of greenhouse growing.  

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