Attract, Engage, Retain: Tap into the Power of People with Trevor Throness – Episode 11

Do you have the right people in the right seats? As an Executive Leadership Coach and Author (The Power of People Skills), Trevor has honed in on assessment tools for enhancing the self-awareness of leaders and employees, while creating a culture of belonging. We unlock the tools for attracting and retaining the best talent and developing the potential in your team.

“You get the people you deserve. So I think it all starts with: Who am I? Do I have the right attitudes? Am I someone that people would want to work for? Because the business is just a reflection of you personally.” –Trevor Throness

Trevor Throness works as a veteran coach, speaker, and consultant who specializes in working with growing businesses (from 1 million – 1 billion dollars in sales), helping them resolve the challenges that always come with fast growth. Trevor has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, organizations, and business families fix people problems, enhance communication, attract top talent, and build exceptional cultures.

Trevor is the author of the book: The Power of People Skills, released by Career Press NY in September 2017. The Power of People Skills helps leaders permanently fix chronic people problems. Trevor has written for or been featured in The Globe and Mail, the New York Post, Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Chief Executive magazines, as well as numerous podcasts and interviews.

Trevor is also the CEO and Senior Instructor for the business education website: and creator of the DISC Personalities Assessment tool.

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