Wisdom of the Crowd: Nurturing Company Culture with Dave Van Belle of Van Belle Nursery – Episode 5

It’s all about the people! As President of Van Belle Nursery, Dave Van Belle is surrounded by a team that leads and grows by example. Dave relates his team-first approach, highlighting how investing in your people and developing their skills leads to mutual loyalty, confident decision-making, and free-flowing idea sharing –propelled by those closest to the action.

“If our company can be successful, I’m successful, and if I’m successful, they’re successful. We’re all aligned the same way.” –Dave Van Belle

Founded in 1973 by Bill and Grace Van Belle, Van Belle Nursery continues to supply industry-leading young and finished plants along with new genetics featured in the Bloomin’ Easy® range. The wholesale operation, based in Abbotsford, BC, prides itself on caring for their people and embodying their 5 Core Values: Best Effort, Always Positive, Respect People, Find a Better Way, and Do it Now.

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