The Plant Whisperer: Plant Empowerment 101 with Peter Van Weel – Episode 12

What are your plants telling you? Plant Empowerment pioneer, Peter Van Weel, is no stranger to the idea of branching out from traditional growing practices. He gives us a glimpse into the methodology behind this holistic mindset, simple steps you can take to enhance your growing process, and ways to tap into the natural growing power and resilience of plants.

“The idea is that once you see how the plant reacts…then you can start thinking about what can I do to improve this, and then you are really on the path of using plant empowerment for what it’s meant for…” –Peter Van Weel

Plant Empowerment is an integrated approach to the cultivation process that is based on the natural vigor of plants and uses physiological and physical principles instead of “green thumbs” and feeling. Moreover, Plant Empowerment is universally applicable for all crops, all occurring climate zones, and various types of greenhouses. For more about Plant Empowerment, visit: or 

Peter Van Weel had a rich, 42-year career as a researcher at Wageningen University and Research, developing various innovative systems that are common in today’s greenhouses, such as the ebb and flood watering, roof cleaning, movable benches, and aquaponics systems. Together with Jan Voogt, he developed the climate control strategy “Aircokas” based on monitoring stomatal behavior and optimizing photosynthesis that is described in a patent and an ISHS publication (2008). After his retirement in 2016, he started the private company Weel.Invent to develop integrated, robust, low-investment, and uncomplicated production systems for greenhouse cultivation.