Bugging Out on IPM with Greg Welfing of Anatis Bioprotection – Episode 10

Tech and nature collide in the world of Integrated Pest Management. Get ready to deep dive into this fascinating world and explore the powerful potential of biological controls with professional Agrologist and IPM Specialist, Greg Welfing. From natural predators and beneficials to drones and biotechnology, this episode uncovers the various holistic strategies used to keep pests at bay and shape the future of pest control.

“It takes a lot of thought, it takes a lot of knowledge on your pest biology; and all of those things have to come up in conversation when you’re developing a pest plan.” –Greg Welfing

As a professional Agrologist, IPM Specialist, and sales technician for Anatis Bioprotection, Greg is the go-to guy for helping growers develop their IPM strategies. He consults with nursery teams to understand their needs and environmental pressures before presenting insects (a.k.a. beneficials) as options for their biological control programs, all with the overall goal of helping the grower in the best way possible.

Based in Quebec, Canada, Anatis Bioprotection is a leader in producing and distributing insects, mites, beneficial nematodes, and biopesticides. They offer effective ecological solutions to control insects and pests in horticultural, greenhouse, and agricultural crops –no matter the scale. https://anatisbioprotection.com/en/